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MMA Tip: Old Instincts

MMA Tip from #finishingmachine Gerald Strebendt:

Bunkerd Fairtex (Faphimai) said many years ago in Thailand that the young fighters were made to stand in waist deep water to overcome the habit of blinking. They would splash their hands and allow droplets of water to hit their faces while just staring down. Sometimes our instincts hold us back in martial arts. It’s tough being on the bottom in a fight, so sitting back to a leg lock may be something reserved for the last ten seconds of a round. Why? In an exchange of punches, the best idea may be to push forward, especially while slipping punches and counter punching. The same idea applies when defending knees in a clinch. All top strikers have overcome the instinct of moving backwards in an exchange. Like a shortstop rushing a ground ball or a race car driver going wide before a corner, we have to overcome our basic instincts and turn our survival mode into a highly tuned strategic fight plan. What does B.J. Penn mean when he tells his fighters to “be first”? We all like throwing hard leg kicks but why is it important that we set them up before throwing them with full power? Sakuraba overcome the fear of giving his back and won many fights from that position. Why? How? Take an inventory of your bad habits and you’ll find that most of them stem from age old instincts.

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