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MMA Tip: Take Inventory

MMA Tip from #finishingmachine Gerald Strebendt.

Take Inventory. With the help of your coaches and teammates, take an honest look at your strengths and weaknesses. All good fighters do this. Do you avoid attempting arm bars from the guard because your opponent always seems to posture and pass? Do you have a hard time establishing an effective jab? Do you always pass guard the same way? In the very first Abu Dhabi World Championships, Jean Jacques pointed to a fighter that he was going to have to beat to win the whole tournament. The guy hadn’t lost yet and Jean Jacques said, “I notice nobody has attempted to pass to his left. I will pass this way and I will catch him.” Jean Jacques did exactly that, and tapped him with a rear naked choke to win the whole thing. We have to work our weaknesses if we want to have any depth to draw from in the finals. What are your weaknesses?

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