MMA Tip: Be Inspired

MMA tip from #finishingmachine Gerald Strebendt:

Be Inspired. Tito Ortiz was bigger, stronger, and a better wrestler when he fought Frank Shamrock. Frank cried out to his corner, Maurice Smith, “He’s too strong!” Maurice calmed him down and they worked through it real time, as it was happening. We all know the outcome. Igor Vovchanchyn had nothing on Mark Kerr who was a 265 lb Olympic wrestler, faster, and stronger. Mark had 6 inches of height and reach and he was in his prime, but Igor took him apart. Why? Because Igor believed in himself. We can draw on the strength of people like James “Buster” Douglas and Igor Vovchanchyn if we do our research and understand what drove them. We can learn to harness our doubts and fears and we can overcome them when we are inspired and when we believe.

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